[whatwg] several messages about quotations

Ian Hickson wrote:
> Summary: I've made the spec require that any punctuation for <q> be 
> included inside the element; I've added examples for <q>.
 > ...
>> How would you define CSS pseudo-elements for open and close quotes in 
>> such a way that they would be implementable and would not match 
>> apostrophes and would correctly differentiate between open and close 
>> quotes in languages that use the same character for opening and closing 
>> and in languages that invert the direction of guillemets compared to 
>> French?
> I would introduce two pseudo-elements, ::quote-start and ::quote-end, 
> which match one or more characters with the Quotation_Mark property (as 
> per Unicode PropList) found at the start or end of an element, if such 
> text is a direct child of the element (skipping White_Space characters).
> I've started this idea down the path of the CSS working group.

Please send a message with your proposal to www-style for discussion and
CC www-international. (We use the wiki to track issues, not as a substitute
for mailing list discussion. Also, it would be important to have i18n people
involved since punctuation styles vary across languages and I'm not sure
Unicode's Quotation_Mark property is adequate.)


Received on Saturday, 12 April 2008 13:38:48 UTC