[whatwg] Web Forms attributes: minlength / autocomplete

On Wed, 06 Jun 2007 12:56:23 +0200, Sander <html5 at zoid.nl> wrote:
> --- minlength ---
> I'd like to see a minlength attribute that can be used on the same
> elements as the maxlength attribute. The default value can be "0" unless
> the required atribute is set (in that case it should be >1). The value
> of the element should be trimmed of spaces at the beginning or the end
> before validating/submitting (perhaps this could be made optional in
> which case negative values could be used for the minlength attribute to
> indicate whether the trimming has to take place or not).

Why can't you use pattern= for this?

> --- autocomplete ---
> The autocomplete attribute acts as a boolean, but its values are not
> consistent to other booleans, being either attributes or variables.
> Why not use autocomplete="autocomplete" or its minimised form? Is it
> because it's not the "on" state that is important, but the "off" state.
> If so, I'd suggest to use "true" or "false" instead or rename the
> attribute to noautocomplete. If it's a backward compatibilty issue then
> I suggest both on/off and true/false should be allowed.

This attribute is defined in a way that is compatible with existing  
implementations. It was introduced long ago but never formally specified.  
So we can't really change it.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 6 June 2007 03:59:54 UTC