[whatwg] Web Forms attributes: minlength / autocomplete


I have a request and a question about Web Form attributes:

--- minlength ---
I'd like to see a minlength attribute that can be used on the same 
elements as the maxlength attribute. The default value can be "0" unless 
the required atribute is set (in that case it should be >1). The value 
of the element should be trimmed of spaces at the beginning or the end 
before validating/submitting (perhaps this could be made optional in 
which case negative values could be used for the minlength attribute to 
indicate whether the trimming has to take place or not).

--- autocomplete ---
The autocomplete attribute acts as a boolean, but its values are not 
consistent to other booleans, being either attributes or variables.
Why not use autocomplete="autocomplete" or its minimised form? Is it 
because it's not the "on" state that is important, but the "off" state. 
If so, I'd suggest to use "true" or "false" instead or rename the 
attribute to noautocomplete. If it's a backward compatibilty issue then 
I suggest both on/off and true/false should be allowed.


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