[whatwg] Pre element question


From: "Anne van Kesteren" <annevk@opera.com>
>In Firefox 2, Opera 9 and Internet Explorer 7 the trailing newline is  
>ignored as well.

No, AFAICT the last line is present in the DOM.

>[3:32] <zcorpan> how does mozilla implement the ignoring of the last line?
>[3:32] <zcorpan> or any browser for that matter
>[3:33] <Hixie> wait!
>[3:33] <Hixie> you don't need to ignore the last newline!
>[3:33] <Hixie> it disappears on its own because of CSS!
>[3:35] <Hixie> the newline is on the last line, there is no new line after 
>it, since there's nothing after it
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