[whatwg] Hyphenation

Also sprach Alexey Feldgendler:

 > > I would suggest that the first priority is getting a naive hyphenator
 > > into browsers. Since you only ever need hyphenation when
 > > full-justifying, I would suggest:
 > >
 > > align: hyphenated;
 > In some typographical traditions, non-full-justified text is
 > sometimes hyphenated. I believe that hyphenation should be a
 > separate property, orthogonal to text-align. Also, there are some
 > common hyphenation options (like the maximum number of consequtive
 > hyphenated lines allowed) that are also worth CSS properties.

Prince6 (www.princexml.com) supports these properties:

  hyphenate: none | auto
  hyphenate-dictionary: none | url(...)
  hyphenate-before: <int>
  hyphenate-after: <int>
  hyphenate-lines: none | <int>

(with a "prince-" prefix)

You can see the properties in use here:


Currently, Prince will only hypenate paragraphs with 'text-align:
justify'. I agree that hypenation is useful in other cases as well.

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