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Le 4 janv. 2007 ? 01:41, Henri Sivonen a ?crit :
> On Jan 3, 2007, at 18:22, Karl Dubost wrote:
>> As a side note, the fact that human authors are the main users of  
>> the data doesn't mean that the rest of tools is useless.
> If HTML had unambiguous sourcing of quotations, what cool software  
> would you write that would consume the markup?

Given into account that the notion of "cool" is very subjective and  
tied to one's interests.

* http://web.archive.org/web/20030211001151/http://diveintomark.org/ 
* technorati, bloglines like
* threading for commenting system on Weblogs
a database of well known quotations, authors.
a databse of poetry
frequency analysis of quotes for texts.

I can also imagine a tool which displays possibility to have more  
information on the quotes contained in the page by displaying a  
widget with more exploration: spontaneous buy of the source which has  
been cited (without to necessary use amazon), or get more information  
about an author, redirecting to wikipedia
ala PageMapper http://labs.metacarta.com/PageMapper/
or OpenLayers http://openlayers.org/

> How would you convince authors to produce the markup?

For those who have an immediate benefits for their own markup do the  
effort. It is a bit like math. Most people use substraction and  
addition, a bit less multiplication, a bit less division, though on  
simple calculator, there are the 4 operations.

For weblogs authoring tools, definitely in some circumstances, the  
forms or templating of any kind.


See for example, a simple way with a bookmarklet to cite a Web document.

In NetNewsWire, it already exists, you can Copy a quote, the  
generated markup is not "perfect"  but it shows exactly one of the  
possibility for authoring it.

In fact the feature of "copy HTML with attribution" could be in any  
kind of Web browsers by default.

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