[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

Ian Hickson wrote:

> There is nothing to read between my lines. I am being as honest and candid 
> as possible. There is no conspiracy here. I have given you the exact 
> reasoning I have used, I have suggested how you can move forward. I am 
> being quite sincere.

Very well. In this case please make one small step to show that WHATWG HTML is open to
scientific content and add just four elements to HTML5
(feel free to use different element names if nesessary): "formula", "fraction", 
"num", "den". It will not take much time and will work even in MSIE:

If this step will be made we will assume that WHATWG is ready for constructive
dialog, if however we will hear arguments like automated splitting of long fractions
across lines (never seen something like that even in TeX) is not supported 
therefore markup for fractions is useless or something similar 
then I think discussing issue with WHATWG further does not make any sense. 

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Received on Tuesday, 20 June 2006 00:43:23 UTC