[whatwg] Mathematics in HTML5

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> Very well. In this case please make one small step to show that WHATWG  
> HTML is open to scientific content and add just four elements to HTML5
> (feel free to use different element names if nesessary): "formula",  
> "fraction", "num", "den". It will not take much time and will work even  
> in
> 	http://www.geocities.com/chavchan/frac/fractions.xml

How should "formula" be used? There has been some discussion about it.

> If this step will be made we will assume that WHATWG is ready for  
> constructive dialog, if however we will hear arguments like automated
> splitting of long fractions across lines (never seen something like that
> even in TeX) is not supported therefore markup for fractions is useless  
> or
> something similar then I think discussing issue with WHATWG further does
> not make any sense.

I've never said that splitting of long fractions is a requirement. That  
was just my answer to the question: "What is excellent typography?" Of  
course, if someday CSS becomes powerful enough to do such splitting, it  
will become possible without any change of markup. This is similar to  
features like hyphenation for paragraph formatting: if it gets  
implemented, the author won't need to change the <p> markup.

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