[whatwg] [html5] DI element

Matthew Raymond wrote:
>    I did a quick test, and using <li> in a <dl> produces a bullet on 
> Firefox, IE and Opera, whereas <di> and the complete lack of a parent 
> element did not. So, <li> didn't break anything, but it really didn't 
> have the desired rendering on legacy browsers. This alone it a good 
> argument for defeating <li> in this context. Plus, there's the 
> additional fact that <di> is already in the XHTML 2.0 working draft, 
> which means that it'll be easier to get <di> through W3C than <dl>/<li>.

That's a shame (about XHTML2). This seems a pretty unnecessary element. 
A <dl> is a list and we want to describe items in this list. The fact 
that those items are contained in a <dl> tells you what type of list 
items they are. The argument regarding presentation on legacy UAs seems 
pretty feeble. <li> elements can easily be restyled using CSS, leaving 
only non-CSS browsers to worry about. Even then the web-developer has a 
choice whether to use an <li>/<di> element or not. :-S


Received on Saturday, 12 March 2005 08:06:37 UTC