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                             WebView CG

26 July 2022

    [2]Agenda. [3]IRC log.

       [3] https://www.w3.org/2022/07/26-webview-irc


           AndyLuhrs, BartoszGalek, Dom, Francois, JohnRiviello,
           MaxTsoy, NiklasMerz, QingAn, Rayan, ThomasSteiner


           QingAn, Rayan



     1. [4]Review and discuss use cases
          1. [5]What is the "Origin" in a WebView, for locally
             hosted content? #7
          2. [6]#16
          3. [7]#19
          4. [8]#20
          5. [9]#23
          6. [10]#24
     2. [11]Next meeting

Meeting minutes

   [12]Review and discuss use cases


    Qing: we're planning to publish a stable version of the use
    cases document for TPAC and take advantage of TPAC to share it
    more broadly

    Qing: today we'll continue our discussions on the issues

     [13]What is the "Origin" in a WebView, for locally hosted content?

      [13] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/7

    <ghurlbot> [14]Issue 7 What is the "Origin" in a WebView, for
    locally hosted content? (lrosenthol) use case, agreed use case,

      [14] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/7

    Qing: I've created a pull request (#25) to add the use case to
    the doc

    <ghurlbot> [15]Pull Request 25 Merge use case of issue 7

      [15] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/25

    Niklas: thanks for integrating my feedback in the PR
    … I come from the mobile perspective - there may remain input
    from e.g. the epub perspective

    Qing: I've asked for further input on that; maybe we can merge
    this after one or two more weeks of feedback

    Andy: I can contribute the desktop perspective here if useful -
    coming from Microsoft

    Qing: absolutely! additional comments / suggestions, and
    additional github issues would be welcome


    <ghurlbot> [16]Issue 16 Display and manipulate third party
    content while blocking third party scripting (bduga) use case,

      [16] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/16

    Qing: Will have to skip since Brady isn't around


    <ghurlbot> [17]Issue 19 Define different types of webviews
    (NiklasMerz) use case, Agenda+

      [17] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/19

    Qing: this was brought up in our last meeting

    Niklas: I summarized a list of webviews and their capabilities
    - this could provide a good start for discussions
    … this is also coming from the mobile perspective, could use
    some desktop perspective

    andy: will be happy to add the desktop perspective

    Max: +1
    … we at Duck Duck Go, we're working WebView2 and it definitely
    deserves its own section
    … there is also GeckoView - not sure if Mozilla is
    participating in this group, may be interesting to reach out to

    Qing: this will prove useful to categorize our use cases as
    input to WebViews vendors
    … having input from vertical use cases (e.g. ecommerce) on how
    these webviews apply to their scenarios


    <ghurlbot> [18]Issue 20 Inject custom JS scripts (muodov) use
    case, Agenda+

      [18] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/20

    Max: Rayan raised the question about injecting scripts play
    with the security model
    … there is an emerging agreement that injecting JS is important
    and many products rely on this

    Qing: the main controversy is around 1st vs 3rd party content
    … Max, you provided examples of where injecting 3rd party
    scripts is useful

    Max: I'm not sure we should talk about 3rd-party
    … the script is embedded by the app itself
    … the examples I give are based on real-life usage
    … there are platform-specific limitations: in webkit webview,
    injected scripts are isolated from the page script
    … this exists in Chrome extensions, but not in Android WebView
    … Another limitation is that sometimes you can't inject scripts
    in every context
    … e.g. 3rd party iframe nested inside the page, in Android
    WebView the native app can't inject scripts there
    … for us DDG, this is a big limitation to our injected privacy
    … whereas this is possible in WebView2
    … there is inconsistent features provided across platforms
    … which I think can be improved

    dom: +1 on not describing these as 1st vs 3rd party - injected
    scripts are part of the UA in this example
    … we should identify if the different limitations across
    platforms are based on different policies (vs just bugs)
    … if they are different policies, it would be useful to
    document them, and possibly see if we can create directions for
    these policies to converge on
    … e.g. based on the type of use cases (e.g. any-content browser
    vs specific-content rendering)

    Rayan: JS injection can't be available in all webview platform
    - e.g. customtab that integrate with the existing browser
    … in contexts that allow for it, it makes sense to offer this
    consistently across environments (e.g. service worker)
    … security concerns is a reason for limiting what can be
    … which varies hugely across use cases
    … definitely need to inject everywhere for a browser, but not
    quite so if you're only rendering 1st party content

    Max: it would be useful to have an analysis of that perspective
    and what specific issues arise from this
    … also, is it a blocker to add this to our report?

    Rayan: not a blocker - but that's a key issue for us to discuss
    … e.g. signing via a webview shares the credential with the
    host app
    … there are ways for apps to declare which origins they're tied

    Andy: WebView2 has a drastic different attack surface than
    Android - once you can run an executable on Windows, injecting
    JS is the least of your worries

    dom: +1 on tying use cases with specific security policies -
    e.g. if you ask "UA-type delegation" (with gives full script
    injection) you would likely get additional scrutiny in app
    store review on Android

    Rayan: in any case, +1 on merging this as a valid use case

    Qing: we'll label it as such


    <ghurlbot> [19]Issue 23 Control API permissions (muodov) use
    case, Agenda+

      [19] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/23

    Max: this was a follow up to another issue - the use case is
    that sometimes you want to control more granuarly what kind of
    permissions are granted to web content
    … for cases where a browser would prompt user content (e.g.
    geolocation, camera, screen capture)
    … this is limited across platforms, and inconsistent
    … ideally, we would like to see some way to control this - via
    events when something happens, or an API to read the current
    state (whether permission has been granted or not)
    … or program control on permission states
    … For our case (a browser), we would want to replicate what
    other browsers can do - with a UI to manage permissions, react
    to prompts, etc

    Andy: e.g. the local font API is restricted in a browser
    context, but doesn't need these restrictions in a native app
    … overall, 3 issues in WebView2: we have to play catch up with
    the permission spec as it evolves
    … we had to go beyond "granted" / "deny", with "in use" or with
    screen sharing bringing additional complexity

    dom: so we would need a more unified model of these underlying
    considerations - they aren't unified today since they're not
    exposed directly to Web developers in a browser context

    Andy: probably

    Max: maybe WebView could adopt the same underlying model in
    permission spec

    Andy: there is a permission registry emerging that lists the
    various axes of complexity

    [20]Permissions Registry

      [20] https://w3c.github.io/permissions-registry/

    Qing: I'm hearing agreement this is a valid use case

    Andy: +1

    <dom> Dom: +1

    Rayan: +1 - it also deals with the OS permission integration

    Qing: Does that extend to hybrid apps, beyond in-app browser?

    andy: I have hybrid app use cases


    <ghurlbot> [21]Issue 24 Manage web storage and cookies (muodov)
    use case, Agenda+

      [21] https://github.com/WebView-CG/usage-and-challenges/issues/24

    Max: (I still have a few more issues to file)

    Max: this one is about dealing with cookies & web storage
    … our browser has a lot to do with privacy protections for
    which cookies & web storage are essential

    Andy: accessing the value of cookies is debatedly worse than
    injecting JS - stealing cookies can enable impersonating
    … is this a similar threat to the one we discussed earlier with
    Android WebView?

    Rayan: this is indeed doable with Android WebView at the moment
    … cookies aren't persisted at the moment, which is somewhat a
    … this is another case of an API that should be tied to a
    specific set of use cases

    Niklas: iOS can have a shared cookie storages across native
    http requests and webviews

    Max: the DDG engineers liked a lot the cookie manager in
    … I can add more details, but not sure it's needed to determine
    whether this is a valid use case
    … the 3 points I've put in the document are probably the most
    significant bits
    … Any specific details you would like to see added?

    Qing: any input on whether to accept it as is?

    Andy: I think the baseline use case is ability to clear cookies
    (e.g. to logout/wipe data)
    … another typical need is when auth is done in the native app
    and want to share a secret for future interactions through
    their webview
    … without sharing it with other webviews

    Qing: we can try to define a more granular set of cookie
    management operations (clear, update/modify)
    … as a preliminary step before making a decision on the use

    max: I can take stab at our needs from a DDG perspective if
    that helps

   Next meeting

    Qing: on Aug 9 at 7am UTC
    … if all goes well, we can have our stable report by end of

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