Some comments

Hi Futomi.


Thanks a lot for your work about web signage player.


I have some comments about your document proposal
( :


4. Concept of viewport

“The display viewport is the area in which the display can show something.
The content viewport is the area in which an application shows web-based
signage contents. The display viewport and the content viewport are not
necessarily identical.”

>I’m bored with your notion of “content viewport”. in fact, you describe
here an “application viewport”. “application viewport” being composed of a
region(s), of a scene, of a content like your illustration



6 Regions

“Background color

This color will be seen at areas where the contents do not exist or the
contents are transparent. This color is specified in a CSS color.

>You talk about background color for regions but can we consider background
color  for content viewport ( and display viewport) ?



7 Scene content types

“Conformant players of this profile must support 3 types of contents as a


Single image

Players must render an image file as a scene. Players must support PNG, GIF
(including animation gif), and JPEG as an image format at least. An image
file is rendered using the img element or the object element specified in

Players must support DataURLs for images. [RFC2397]

Players may support more sophisticated formats, such as PDF. [PDF] “


>I think it is an error to consider pdf document like single image. Pdf is a
CDFi (Compount Document Format by Inclusion – see and specifically “paged document” with
slideshow mode


>A signage player should play : 

>Image raster (png, gif, jpeg)

>Vector (svg, svg+smil, flash)

>Video (mp4, webm)

>HTML5 based page (iframe)

>Paged document like pdf, e-pub,  or ms-powerpoint / open office documents
( )

>RSS / Ticker / Why not Timed Text ( or )  


8 Playlist

“…Each scene must have the duration. If the duration isn't specified,
application is encouraged to adapt the default duration (for example,

>Sequence can have indefinite duration because intrinsic media duration
(video or rss after unknown flow of items)…


9 Scheduling

>Why don’t advice full features of  iso8601
( :



>Repeated Date/Time Events with some examples :

>On the top of every hour starting 9AM on January 1st, 2010



>On midnight of each of the first 6 Mondays in the year 2010








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Hi Satoru,


Thanks for your comment.

Responses inline below.


On Tue, 21 May 2013 12:07:51 +0900

Satoru Takagi < <>> wrote:


> Hi Futomi san,


> Thank you for publication of your hard work.


> I read the document. And I understood that the positioning of this 

> document is  the followings for contents for signage player.

> * Definition of a term and the concept (Or it is the architecture and 

> model.)

> * Detailed requirements


Definitely yes.

As your understanding, the document defines just detailed requirements.


> I think that this is an important document for this BG.


> Now, I consider "Profile" at W3C to be the subsets or collections of 

> individual features and functions in existing standards. Therefore I
thought this document to be different from profile.



It seems to be better to change "Profile" to the other term.


> How about the following titles?

> "Architecture and Requirements for Web-based Signage Player"


Sounds nice.

Thanks for your idea.


BTW, how do you think "profile" in "Core profile"?

The term "profile" in "Core profile" means a subset of the documents we are

Is it confusing?






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