RE: Issue 1021: get/setParameters does not have a parameter for packetization interval

Taylor said:

a.    Do we need setCodecPreferences() to be able to modify codec-specific parameters?

I'd say yes. Just the example of the opus "stereo" parameter is compelling enough to me. Chrome currently doesn't offer "stereo=1" by default, but it would be completely reasonable for applications to want it. This issue was brought to my attention just recently with Chrome Remote Desktop<>.

If we go this route, I'd highly prefer changing sdpFmtpLine to a dictionary if we can be certain that all parameters are (and will be) key/value pairs. If we don't do this, then we're back to SDP munging (albeit, very contained SDP munging).

[BA] What attributes in the RTCRtpCodecParameters dictionary would become writeable via setCodecPreferences (e.g. payLoadType, mimeType, clockRate, channels, sdpFmtpLine)?   Within an sdpFmtpLine dictionary, would only some entries be writeable?

Received on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 20:53:53 UTC