Re: Need API to read the CSRC on received tracks (#4)

It could extend RTCRtpReceiver, like this:

Contributing Sources

The getContributingSources method extends the RTCRtpReceiver object, providing information on the sources contributing to an incoming media stream.

partial interface RTCRtpReceiver {
    sequence<RTCRtpContributingSource> getContributingSources ();


Retrieve the sequence of contributing sources.

No parameters.
Return type: sequence<RTCRtpContributingSource>

dictionary RTCRtpContributingSource

dictionary RTCRtpContributingSource {
             DOMHiResTimeStamp timestamp;
             unsigned long     csrc;
             byte              audioLevel;

Dictionary RTCRtpContributingSource Members

audioLevel of type byte,
The audio level of the contributing source. Value is between 0 and -127 representing the contributing source dBov value, as described in [RFC6465]

csrc of type unsigned long,
The contributing source.

timestamp of type DOMHiResTimeStamp,

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@alvestrand<> - would stats be a reasonable place to put this or should it be RTCRtpReceiver ?

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