Re: API points for ICE/DTLS warmup

On 28/07/15 19:43, Peter Thatcher wrote:

>     My preference would be
>     Option J: PC.onaddtrack is fired with a real track (after all we will in
>     many cases not get any info about this track after this point - all info
>     must come in that initial SDP - so it can just as well be created),
>     however this track stays muted until there is any media coming from the
>     sending side (and this can happen only after the sending app does
>     sender.replaceTrack).
> ​So, have a real track come out of the receive side, even if there is a
> null track​ on the send side.  I like that.  I think it makes sense.  In
> fact, I don't think we need to have it muted when it comes out.  I think
> we can just have it appear as a normal track.

It would be a normal track, but I definitely think it should be muted 
until RTP data allowing decoding and rendering starts arriving (which in 
turn could only happen after the sending app has done replaceTrack).

The muted -> unmuted transition would fire an event and would allow the 
app to optimize the UI.

(If the app on the receiving side instead just creates a MediaStream and 
wires it up to a video element, the element's poster would be shown 
until video starts arriving if I understand things right.)

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