Re: [rtcweb] Prompt for mic, camera *and* network access

Good idea. Something like that is useful. And I think some W3C WG(s) may
have an interest/responsibility also in improving on this.


>On 31/07/15 20:28, Roman Shpount wrote:
>> I actually appreciate the seriousness of the issue.
>I'm wondering if there's anything we could (get someone to)
>do so that issues like this get handled better in future?
>For example I'm wondering if a description of the various
>ways in which current VPN services operate and some of the
>consequences when things go wrong might be useful input to
>WGs faced with similar issues.
>I've no idea if someone would be motivated to write that
>up, nor for how long such text would be useful but I suspect
>there's a document there that'd be good to have. (Or if
>there's a non-RFC that has a good survey/description then
>a pointer to that would be good.)
>Anyway, I'd be happy to help someone who was willing and
>able to try that with any process stuff.
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