Re: I have created a PR for RtpSender.getCapabilities and RtpReceiver.getCapabilities

On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 6:58 PM, Peter Thatcher <>

> 1.  Is there enough consensus from the WG to add this?  I'm in favor of it
> :).

I am for it as well.

> 2.  Should getCapabilities return a Promise?  I think it doesn't need to
> be, so I made it not return a Promise.

I do not think this needs to be a promise. In most cases these things are
known by implementation in advance and should not require a lot of time or
resources to compute.

> 3.  Should be a MIME type ("video/vp8") or just a name
> ("vp8")?  If a MIME type, should it be code.mimeType instead of
> Or should we have both and codec.mimeType.   I've made it
> with MIME type here, which matches ORTC.  But I'm currently
> thinking I'd prefer with a name instead.  I'd also be happy
> with having both and codec.mimeType.
I would think that having separate and codec.mimeType would be
the best option. Based on there are
cases when there is a mismatch between the name and the mime type,
such as ""
and "video/vnd-vivo". I hope no will ever need any of those codecs, but
theoretically it is possible.
Roman Shpount

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