Re: Al PR for adding various fields to RtpParameters and RtpEncodingParameters

On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 7:04 PM, Randell Jesup <<>> wrote:

?Isn't the that the whole point of being able to clone tracks?  Shouldn't this work?

var lowFpsTrack = highFpsTrack.clone();
?lowFpsTrack.applyContstraints(?{framerate: {max: 30}, ...});

Then you can render highFpsTrack locally and put the lowFpsTrack in the RtpSender.?

[BA] This results in two streams with different maximum frame rates being sent with different payload types.  If the browser implementation is smart, it might even recognize the two streams as related - to avoid undesirable adjustments such as having the framerates converge toward each other.

Peter's PR can support SSRC multiplexing as well as being able to formally express that the streams represent two different encodings of the same track. This is much closer to what is deployed today in commercial conferencing systems.

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