Re: Simulcast V1

On 8/14/15 12:39, Bernard Aboba wrote:
> Support for the multiplexing modes seen in practice (e.g. Separate SSRCs for each received stream) cannot be accomplished via [draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-simulcast], but object approaches handle this so the draft has no value for poor man's simulcast in the simple case, and no utility for complex cases either.

Regardless of how you differentiate the simulcast encodings, what I'm 
proposing for the API works just fine.

You seem to think that the work that's going on in MMUSIC could benefit 
from some technical comments. On a quick search, I don't see you making 
those comments on the MMUSIC mailing list, but I might simply be 
overlooking that feedback. In any case, RTP usage and SDP handling are a 
matter for the IETF, and I'd encourage you to take comments about 
"multiplexing modes seen in practice" to that venue.

What's important /here/, in the W3C WebRTC working group, is that my 
simple proposal works regardless of the outcome of those IETF discussions.

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