Re: Sending very large chunks over the data channel

2014-05-28 14:04 GMT+02:00 Harald Alvestrand <>:
>> This is JavaScript land. Why does not the browser just allocate space
>> for *all* the data provided in send() calls and deals with EAGAIN and
>> similar stuff internally? This is, send() NEVER fails, period. The
>> browser holds the data and sends it when it can. The JS code still can
>> check the bufferedAmount attribute in order to detect memory leaks due
>> to slow sending.
> That's what the API looks like now. Until it fails, it works.

Not the same. I meant "send() MUST never fail".

> We're discussing what to do when the browser is unable to do that.

You mean that the browsers runs out of memory to store the pending
data to be sent?

> There's only so many gigabytes of storage available on the devices these
> days.

Sorry, I don't get it.

>> BTW: if I send a HTTP POST request with a large body (a ISO image) via
>> AJAX, would I get an error if the "sending buffer" is full? AFAIK no,
>> right? if so, why don't we provide the same behavior for DataChannel's
>> send() method?
> Please show me your Javascript that sends a large video file using HTTP
> Code speaks louder than words here.

I haven't. I was just wondering.

Anyhow, do you see that the XMLHttpRequest.send() returns error or
fires an exception? me not:

so? why is so unfeasible to have the same behavior for DataChannel.send()?

Iñaki Baz Castillo

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