Re: Re: [Bug 25840] New: Creating DataChannel with same label.

> I don't find the concept of representing data channel groups using label in spec. can you plese give me the link if you have any?

There's no such concept of "DataChannel's group", but according to the
spec, you would have several DataChannels with the same label and use
it to identify them, for example:

var channels = [<references to DataChannels>]


 if(channel.label == 'foo')

In this code, you are initializing all the channels with the
initChannel() function, but are doing some aditional steps on the ones
with label 'foo', and there's nothing that can don't allow you to do
it this way...

> I can not imagine existance of datachannel with no label, because it is specified as non-nullable and not optional.

That was a decision for retro-compatibility when createDataChannel()
used positional arguments, but everyone agreed labels should be in the
options bag instead. If label is set as non-nullable or non-optional
it's a bug in the specification, because it isn't.

Received on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 12:47:22 UTC