Re: Dealing with isolation state mismatches

On 16 May 2014 00:17, Harald Alvestrand <> wrote:
> What I gather from this conversation is that isolation of streams makes
> sense for the point to point case (and, most especially, the X == Y case).
> In that use case, signalling of isolation makes sense.

Actually, I find X == X more of a concern in this regard, but that
depends a lot on your trust assessment.

> In other cases, it is harder to see how it is useful; it might or might not.

That's right.  Securing two-party communications is the primary goal.
Multiparty communications requires a little more work, I think.

> If we document that this is the intended use case for the functionality, I'm
> happy.

I thought that this was already fairly well articulated here:

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