Re: [Bug 25724] New: Allow garbage collection of closed PeerConnections

On 2014-05-15 12:22, wrote:
>              Bug ID: 25724
>             Summary: Allow garbage collection of closed PeerConnections
>             Product: WebRTC Working Group
>             Version: unspecified
>            Hardware: PC
>                  OS: Linux
>              Status: NEW
>            Severity: normal
>            Priority: P2
>           Component: WebRTC API
>            Assignee:
>            Reporter:
>                  CC:
> At the moment, the webrtc specification says:
> 4.3.3 Garbage collection
> A Window object has a strong reference to any RTCPeerConnection objects created
> from the constructor whose global object is that Window object.
> In other words, RTCPeerConnections can't be garbage collected.

I think this was originally done on purpose. The app should be able to 
wire up a PeerConnection with a video element, and drop all references 
but continue to have the (from remote coming) video being rendered.

The side effect when many connections are created and dropped was not 
foreseen, so I'm all for making this change.

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