Dates for f2f meeting

Hi all - and sorry for cross-posting!

The chairs of the WebRTC WG (and the Media Capture TF) and the chairs of the IETF rtcweb WG are considering an joint f2f meeting. The dates we chairs have arrived on as feasible are May 20-22 (Tue-Thu). We are considering to split up the time between W3C and IETF across all three days. We have not yet discussed how to split the W3C time between WebRTC and the Media Capture TF at all yet (and perhaps we end up in focusing on the WebRTC WG since that part would probably benefit most from a joint meeting with the IETF rtcweb WG).

The message at this stage is: please take note of these dates in your calendar now.

The target region for this interim would be East Coast of North America, but we have at this stage no host or set location. If you are willing to host, please contact the chairs.

We haven't decided on this f2f meeting yet, and appreciate your input into holding one. The goals of the meeting would be to advanced the state of the core documents we need to finish up.

Stefan for the chairs

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