Re: Panic between createOffer() and setLocalDescription()

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> Promises will help here, but good APIs are not in contraposition of
> languages failures. Merge this calls maybe it's a little bit of sugar
> syntaxis, but it's not a bad thing at all... But definitelly, I don't
> agree with the sentence about "WebRTC is designed to build wrapping
> libraries". Low level is ok, but should be easy to use "as is", if you
> are forced to use a library you are learning to use that library, not
> the APIs that offer the browser.

Like xmlHttpRequest and DOM - which no one actually uses directly, 
everyone uses jquery or angular or polymer or whatever.

Like I said, the moment we decided not to do an API that 
embedded a single signalling protocol ( eg SIP or xmpp or iax) 
we at that moment decided it wouldn't be a 'highlevel' api
in the 



Let me emphasise we made the correct decision, but you can't have a
simple highlevel API without baked in signalling (IMHO). But that doesn't
matter, because there are libraries, some of them quite good already.


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