Re: Proposed new text for noaccess

On 26 October 2013 08:35, Eric Rescorla <> wrote:
> "If any tracks in a MediaStream added via AddStream() have a noaccess
> constraint,
> the implementation MUST throw an exception of XXX" (I am still a little
> vague on
> how we have decided to do exceptions.

I'm not sure about this part.  If you think about the scenarios in
which this is used, an application might want to initiate negotiation
prior to receiving consent.  Chucking exceptions all over the place is
going to be a bit of an impediment to that.  How about this - and the
case where the peerIdentity constraint != the actual peer identity -
result in silence/black being sent, with some other way to learn about
this.  The stats API seems to be the catchall here, but I always hope
for a better, cleaner answer than that.

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