Comments on the stats api on the webRTC wiki...

Hi Harald,

Great to see the updated proposal for stats parameters uploaded on the W3C WebRTC Wiki, this makes it much easier to discuss it before it ends up in the spec. It would be nice to see some other outstanding stuff there as well in time for TPAC.

Now, a few comments and questions (not a complete list, :-)):

1. Have You considered stats for RTCDataChannel? 

2. RTCRTPStreamStats
It is not obvious to me what "transportId" is about, especially since nothing like a "transport object" is in the API.

3. RTCInboundRTPStreamStats
Perhaps a comment about meaning of "jitter" and how it is measured/calculated (unless obvious from context in spec) would be helpful?

4. RTCMediaStreamTracks
I note that frames received and decoded are included. In Media Source Extentions, there are possibilities to get stats on the video element about frames dropped, corrupted, displayed, etc ( I believe it would be good if we try to align with that API, at least when it comes to parameters.'

5. RTCTransport
I was looking for information for which DSCP class that was used for a track and thought it may be in this dictionary. Such information could become useful in debugging an application I expect.

Many Regards

Received on Friday, 18 October 2013 21:55:21 UTC