Re: Missing Features: Stream Control

On 10/18/13 12:47, Aymeric Vitte wrote:
> Le 18/10/2013 19:13, Adam Roach a écrit :
>> To be clear, the .enabled flag and .stop() method are already there, 
>> and they already pause/unpause the stream and tear it down, 
>> respectively. I'm just proposing concrete semantics for how they 
>> interact with any PeerConnection that the track is associated with.
> But they are not in the Streams proposal, see my other answer.

To make my point clearer: this isn't the right mailing list to talk 
about making changes to the API on MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack. If 
I had been proposing to change those APIs, it would have been on the 
public-media-capture list, not the public-webrtc list.

All I was trying to talk about is how the existing API influences the 
behavior of RTCPeerConnection, which is why I was talking about it on 
this list. If you want to propose changes to MediaStream and 
MediaStreamTrack, please take them to public-media-capture.


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