Proposal on initial list of constrains

The current specification at

has several "example" constraints such as "width", "height" etc. However we have notes in 3 places that say this is not the consensus. They notes are in states (section 6),  Capability's, section 7.2, and Constraint Registrations in section 13.1. 

It would be really nice to move to these to be actually be normative, not just examples and remove the notes saying they do not reflect consensus. At the meeting at the Acme office, we had pretty good consensus in the room that all of the "examples" in the spec become part of the spec instead of just examples. We might add more constraitns later, but I'd like to get the ones currently in the spec in.

Let me know if anyone has any objections to removing the three notes about this.

Thanks, Cullen

Received on Wednesday, 9 October 2013 19:05:55 UTC