Re: Recap from WebRTC World

Thanks for a great summary.

(no new subject line (yet); just some high-level comments)

On 2013-06-27 16:19, Gili wrote:

>  2. The WebRTC API needs to focus on normal web developers, not not
>     telecom experts: The conversation on this mailing list is unduly
>     skewed in favor of telecom experts which make up a tiny minority of
>     WebRTC end-users. We need to find a way to collect feedback from the
>     Javascript community at large in order to ensure that the API
>     facilitates their use-cases. The proliferation of WebRTC SDKs for
>     end-users (the conference was full of them) is a strong indication
>     that there is a gap to be filled.

I would love to have this as one of our main targets. Even though WebRTC 
brings something new to the web platform, web developers should feel as 
much at home as possible.

>  7. Use-cases, use-cases, use-cases: "Tell us what is wrong, not how to
>     fix it". You are a lot more likely to get traction for your problems
>     if you help us understand your use-cases then trying to argue for
>     change for its own sake. On the flip side for specification editors,
>     I encourage you to actively engage posters (ask for these use-cases)
>     instead of ignoring discussion threads ;)

Very true.


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