Re: Signaling without a server

I believe having a way to discover your computer without requiring a server
might not feel very secure. It would be hard to settle on a solution that
works for most cases and also is secure to users. I feel like it should be
up to the implementer to ensure they are connecting their users in a safe
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> > You don't technically need a server; it's just the easiest way to set up
> a
> > session. Technically, all you need is some means of rendezvous and a
> channel
> > to exchange information about device capability, intention, location on
> the
> > network, and so on. You can use any arbitrary means to exchange that
> > information, as long as it's kind of real-time in nature
> Yeah, I know. In fact, currently I'm using an annonimous XMPP server
> and a PubNub channel, but this seems to me a little bit of "hackerish"
> and also it's still requiring an external server to do the
> bootstrapping (I'm developing a P2P framework over WebRTC -
> and , the webs are work-in-progress
> -, and after joining the network subsequent handshakings can be done
> without problems using the other peers as intermediates), just only
> that you are using one that you don't manage. I'm talking about not
> requiring servers at all. Some people (like in the link that you send
> me) have ask me about setting by hand the IP and port, maybe after
> connecting to the STUN server to have the connection info available
> (using only a STUN server would be more truly considered "serverless"
> than requiring an annonimous XMPP server... :-D ). Also, my first idea
> was to write the SDPs by hand in the same way the example on your link
> works or reaching them from public published ones on blog posts or
> similar places, but it was told me that SDPs expire after just some
> minutes, so this was a no way. I asking about we could discuss some
> solution on this way...
> > carrier pigeon would pose problems
> >
> Lol, I though I was the only one was still doing this joke :-P
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