Re: Signaling without a server

> I believe having a way to discover your computer without requiring a server
> might not feel very secure.

I agree, specially from a "sandboxed world" like Javascript-in-browser is.

> It would be hard to settle on a solution that
> works for most cases and also is secure to users. I feel like it should be
> up to the implementer to ensure they are connecting their users in a safe
> manner.
That's disgusting :-( I don't know if the requeriment of a server is
due to security (have a "point of thrustworthy") or because the user
case was not though. If the case is the first one or there's no
solution to the second one, there's an open and public way to achieve
this, specially in a federated and annonimous way? SIP requires
registration, PubNub is a private system (very good, by the way :-) )
so it can't be used to something wanting to became a standard.
Annonimous XMPP is promising, but it also depend on public servers and
there are not too much of them.

Push API and PubSubHubBub are the most promising to just announce
presence so others can connect to it and later start working only over
the P2P network being both open standards, but the first one is
currently only a specification (and doesn't seems to support
federation :-( ) and doesn't talk anything about public servers
available in the future (just own hosted ones), and the second one
seems to have lost popularity... :-/

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