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server-centric vs. P2P (was Re: Proposal: Different specifications for different target audiences)

From: <piranna@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 10:36:40 +0200
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>> I agree, but we should start a discussion on another thread about how
>> to develop a pure, server-less browser-to-browser signaling without
>> parasiting other protocols since it's not really professional.
> Please piranna, let's focus on the thread subject. WebRTC is not about
> converting a browser in a no-browser. The browser needs to access some
> website (so HTTP protocol takes place), load the WebRTC JS app and
> then use RTC. This is not about connecting with other browsers using
> p2p protocols without navigating a web.
I admit I'm too much focused on my personal use case, but I'm not the
only one that thinks web it's too much server-centric. WebRTC allow a
posibility to fix this, and I don't find it bad, so why we should
still keep attached to some server-oriented issues? I find this a
point of failure regarding censorship and anonimity between others,
and also having so present this server-centric architecture there are
having issues with some functionality otherway acceptable. For
example, why is a security issue read files selected by the user with
an input tag using FileReader with a page loaded from file://, but if
the page is loaded from http://localhost is valid? It doesn't make
sense to me... Regarding to WebRTC, it's true it doesn't have this
restrictions, but I think decissions should also have in mind this
full server-less use case...

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