Please review the updated Streams API


if you didn't see my earlier post to public-media-capture, there's an 
updated W3C Streams API draft available for review and I've been asked 
to also notify this WG to get your feedback on it's implications for 
MediaStream, MediaStreamTrack, RTCPeerConnection and RTCDataChannels.

I'd encourage you all to review it and provide any feedback or thoughts 
you might have.

As I mentioned in my post to public-media-capture, Feras and Takeshi 
have been doing a great job integrating and filtering all the feedback 
they've received and I've personally been pushing for as much focus on 
making it as effective and useful for post-processing as possible. I'm 
sure many of you here have a different perspective they would find very 

Below is the email Feras sent to describe where this work is up to.


> On 12/4/13 11:27 AM, ext Feras Moussa wrote:
> The editors of the Streams API have reached a milestone where we feel
> many of the major issues that have been identified thus far are now
> resolved and incorporated in the editors draft.
> The editors draft [1] has been heavily updated and reviewed the past
> few weeks to address all concerns raised, including:
> 1. Separation into two distinct types -ReadableByteStream and
> WritableByteStream
> 2. Explicit support for back pressure management
> 3. Improvements to help with pipe( ) and flow-control management
> 4. Updated spec text and diagrams for further clarifications
> There are still a set of bugs being tracked in bugzilla. We would like
> others to please review the updated proposal, and provide any feedback
> they may have (or file bugs).
> Thanks.
> -Feras
> [1]

Received on Thursday, 5 December 2013 10:06:46 UTC