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Just a personal opinion on meeting minutes.  We spend a lot of time
looking for a minute taker who in turn frantically tries to write down
what everyone is saying - yet, as Cullen says, the results are pretty
much useless.  It would be easier and at least as useful to replace the
minutes with a short summary of the decisions that were actually made
(or explicitly deferred, etc.) 

- Jim

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I'm not going to object to this any further than this one email but I
think this is the wrong decision. 

When you compare the two leading dates

one of them is missing one of the chair (but we do have two chairs for
more or less that reason)

the other date is missing 3 out of the 4 editors of the draft as well as
the other key contributors 

I think that is the wrong tradeoff. I will note that the minutes
produced from our meetings are totally useless so it it's not like
people can read them and figure out what the conclusion of meeting were.

I respect that the chairs have to sometime choose between two bad
choices and there is always someone that things they made the wrong
choice.  We have had far too many meetings where no useful conclusions
were reached - I don't want this to be another one of those. 

I do have a very concrete suggestion to reduce this problem in the
future - please please please, do not send out polls for a time that
have more than 6 choices on them. When you send out something with 20
choices on them, people can not possibly block out all the 20 on their
calendar so they don't end up reserving all the spaces that could work -
instead they just peanut butter spread across them in a random way and
we don't really find out what works. We have seen this over and over
again in these types of polls, less choices (but good and reasonable
choices) result in more people being able to attend the leading day not

On the topic of making the meeting actually result in useful
conclusions, I strongly encourage the chairs to limit the topics such
that enough time can be spend on the topics we do address to reach
meaningful conclusions.

Thanks for the rant, I feel better now

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> Hi all,
> the next telco will take place on
> *Sept 17th, 10pm - 11:30pm CEST*
> Please make a note in your calendar
> Stefan for the chairs
> P.S. If you check the Doodle poll result you will notice that the time
picked was not the one with maximum availability. This is due to that we
wanted both chairs to be able to attend, and also not push the meeting
too far into the future

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