Re: Open letter to the WebRTC Committees

Ted that was a well reasoned letter and thank you for writing it. I do want to comment on one point you mention 

On Aug 31, 2012, at 5:52 AM, Ted Kozak <> wrote:

> WebRTC seems to be in a great place now that 4 out of the 5 major browser vendors are at the table.

I don't think the situation is quite as good as you hope here  let me try and summarize what I have been told in my role as RTCWeb chair. 

Chrome and Firefox are both clearly doing WebRTC - I forget the exactly what date was said at Google IO but I have it my head as shipping end of this year. I'm less clear when this would be available on mobile version of Chrome and Firefox but would guess that is pretty high priority. 

Someone from Opera please correct me if I am wrong on this ... I think Opera is doing the stuff that the Media Capture Task Force is defining but don't have immediate plans to do the WebRTC stuff. (This is old information so perhaps it has changed)

I have been told the Microsoft folks are working towards doing WebRTC or something similar but not native in IE - only with a plugin.  

Safari has not provided any hint to what they will do but is obviously paying close attention to all the WebRTC related code being checked into webkit. 

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