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Re: Demo page for constraints and stats

From: Stefan Hakansson LK <stefan.lk.hakansson@ericsson.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:49:45 +0200
Message-ID: <507811E9.8000304@ericsson.com>
To: public-webrtc@w3.org
Cool. But dummy-testing (dummy since changing things does not affect the 
media generated in any way yet) IMHO underlines the need for an API to 
change constraints/settings for a device the app has already been given 
access to - now you get the door-hanger to approve again every time you 
change something.


On 10/12/2012 01:00 PM, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> I decided that it was worthwhile spending some time coding up an example
> of use of constraints and stats in connection with getUserMedia and
> PeerConnection. Now the result is out.
> The page here:
> https://webrtc-demos.appspot.com/html/constraints-and-stats.html
> allows you to set some constraints before hitting "Capture" to get the
> camera, or "Connect" to send the picture through a (local) PeerConnection.
> At the moment, none of the published Chrome versions care what you set,
> but as they roll out, I hope this page will allow people to easily see
> what their picture looks like in various resolutions, bitrates and
> framerates.
> The source tree is here:
> https://code.google.com/p/webrtc-samples/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fdemos%2Fhtml
> It's VERY simple HTML and Javascript. Changes can be expected at any
> time, randomly.
> I hope it'll be useful!
>               Harald
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