TPAC f2f: start building agenda

Hi all,

the chairs have assembled a list of possible topics for the f2f at TPAC. 
It is divided into a "reporting" part and a "discussion" part.

We have 1.5 days (0.5 day reserved for Media Cap TF), so it is obvious 
we can't do all of the below. So we would like feedback from all of you on:

* What topics have we missed?

* What topics (and include the ones we missed in your consideration) do 
you think we should spend f2f time on?

Stefan for the chairs

Possible reports:
* Status implementations and testing
** Report from implementers (including feedback)
** Status on testing
* Reporting from Test The Web Forward, Paris?
* Idea: Feedback from reviewers (we could hand out tasks to review 
sections of the draft to people and have them present at the meeting)?

Possible topics for discussion/decision:
* States and Call Flows
** PeerConnection states, ICE agent states
*** what is exposed to the app?
*** what transitions are legal
** what events fire, when?
** What is the signaling seq (SDP exchange)
** Rollback (related to error handling)

* Error handling principles

* Stats
** Object-Attribute model of stats (confirm)
** Naming of objects
** Objects referring to each other: how?

* Application of constraints/settings to MediaStream(Tracks) sent over 
** both at the sending end and at the receiving end
** Signalling recv->sender may be SDP carried - or not
** Examples include AGC (or not), priority, pause/resume, BW setting, 
congestion feedback,
** Should handle added tracks as well
** Can settings/Constraints be changed; or is it one-time (at addStream)?

* Review of IdP part

* Review of data channel part

* Details that need settling
** Handling of removeTrack/removeStream
*** Are they kept as empty indices in the track-list/stream-list or not?
*** Just pick something

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