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> Matthew Kaufman <> wrote:
> > Open issue - at receiver, do all audio streams that have DTMF in the
> > SDP come out decorated as above or undecorated?
> I don't remember all the details of this discussion, but I'm not sure I
> understand this one. There is currently no W3C API for _receiving_ DTMF,
> and no use case driving one, so I don't know what you would decorate a
> remote stream you are receiving with.

I think I was confusing MediaStream (unidirectional) with the RTP media streams (bidirectional).

Of course in the future we might add receipt-of-DTMF too... I can think of JavaScript apps I might want to do that in, using RTCWEB, outside of browsers.

> > We need a way to set priority for each track/data channel (3 or 4
> > levels) *and* have that enforced in the network subsystem of UA
> > *and* optionally diffserv mark *and* get the diffserv markings back
> > via an API (and include in SDP?)
> To be clear, the DSCP is probably an IETF matter (and certainly including it in
> the SDP is). Enforcement in the UA's network subsystem might be,
> depending on how much of that rmcat needs to standardize.


Matthew Kaufman

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