JSEP API changes - choosing a path forward


we now have two member contributions suggesting changes to the 
PeerConnection API in order to align with the JSEP direction suggested 
in the IETF:

(from Adam)
(from Cullen)

In order to make quick progress, the chairs aim to call for the 
incorporation of one of these in the core document as soon as consensus 
is detected in the WG; if it's not obvious before what the
consensus is, the chairs aim to make a call one way or the other based 
on the list traffic up to ca March 30 (this is just after the IETF 
meeting, so people taking the opportunity for face-to-face discussion 
can report on those discussions here).

All list members who have reviewed both documents are encouraged to
state their opinion on the list.

                    Harald and Stefan

Received on Tuesday, 20 March 2012 16:15:56 UTC