Re: Low Level Javascript API Proposal

Thanks for the input!

A few quick questions:

- Where is the type "Media" (source and sink for the Stream object) defined?
- Is a Stream supposed to be attached only to a source or a sink? Or is 
a Stream bidirectional?
- How would a Javascript figure out the right parameters of a codec? Is 
it effectively limited to only dealing with codecs that the Javascript 
author has seen before?
- A kind of philosophical question: Do you think it's possible to 
implement the PeerConnection interface in Javascript on top of this 
proposed interface?

On 09/28/11 16:56, Neil Stratford wrote:
> To provide input to the ongoing discussion around architecture and 
> inclusion/exclusion of SDP in the Javascript API we would like to put 
> forward the following proposal.  The proposal is in Google doc form 
> for now because our goal was to get this to the list as quickly as 
> possible, but we are happy to re-structure as a full W3C proposal or 
> editorís draft if required.
> This API is based on an evolution of the low level media plugin API 
> currently used by Phono and Phono Mobile.
> In Phono we have attempted to implement as much as possible in 
> Javascript, leaving the minimum functionality that is required for 
> either performance, device access or security to be implemented 
> natively in browser media plugins. Signaling and codec negotiation are 
> implemented fully in Javascript, communicating through a minimal media 
> plugin API that exposes devices, codecs and RTP endpoints. We have 
> existing implementations for Flash, Java applet, iOS and Android using 
> this approach.
> For flexibility we separate RTP/ICE candidate information from codec 
> information enabling the Javascript application the choice of 
> implementing SDP if required. We believe that this low level API 
> provides the ability to build a variety of signalling mechanisms, 
> either directly in Javascript, or through the help of a bridging gateway.
> Neil Stratford
> Voxeo

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:18:42 UTC