Re: Low Level Javascript API Proposal

Answers inline:

> - Where is the type "Media" (source and sink for the Stream object)
> defined?

It's not currently defined in this proposal though we are working 
towards something similar to the concepts of getUserMedia() and 
MediaStream in the current editor's draft.

> - Is a Stream supposed to be attached only to a source or a sink? Or is
> a Stream bidirectional?

A Stream is bidirectional with both a source and a sink attached if 
required, though it could be unidirectional.

> - How would a Javascript figure out the right parameters of a codec? Is
> it effectively limited to only dealing with codecs that the Javascript
> author has seen before?

If there are codec specific parameters that the javascript wants to set 
then it would require prior knowledge, however for simple codec 
negotiation the javascript doesn't require any prior knowledge. We apply 
a priority matching across the codecs returned by the local API and 
those that match the far end.

> - A kind of philosophical question: Do you think it's possible to
> implement the PeerConnection interface in Javascript on top of this
> proposed interface?

That would certainly be the intention. The idea is really to split codec 
and ICE negotiation apart, but retain the ability to combine in 
javascript to provide a PeerConnection style SDP based API if required.

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:47:22 UTC