Low Level Javascript API Proposal

To provide input to the ongoing discussion around architecture and 
inclusion/exclusion of SDP in the Javascript API we would like to put 
forward the following proposal.  The proposal is in Google doc form for 
now because our goal was to get this to the list as quickly as possible, 
but we are happy to re-structure as a full W3C proposal or editorís 
draft if required.


This API is based on an evolution of the low level media plugin API 
currently used by Phono and Phono Mobile.

In Phono we have attempted to implement as much as possible in 
Javascript, leaving the minimum functionality that is required for 
either performance, device access or security to be implemented natively 
in browser media plugins. Signaling and codec negotiation are 
implemented fully in Javascript, communicating through a minimal media 
plugin API that exposes devices, codecs and RTP endpoints. We have 
existing implementations for Flash, Java applet, iOS and Android using 
this approach.

For flexibility we separate RTP/ICE candidate information from codec 
information enabling the Javascript application the choice of 
implementing SDP if required. We believe that this low level API 
provides the ability to build a variety of signalling mechanisms, either 
directly in Javascript, or through the help of a bridging gateway.

Neil Stratford

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 14:58:40 UTC