Welcome to the WG, and getting started


so we're finally a formal W3C WG!

To get things started, there are a number of things to discuss and
agree on , e.g.:
* What studies and documents should the WG initiate?
* Who are our volunteers to start editing documents?
* What starting point should be selected for API draft(s)?
* How should cooperation with WhatWG and the IETF RTCWeb WG be organized?
* How should the operations of the WG be organized?

We think that a teleconference could be a good way to get things
started, and for people to get to know each others' voices, and we
plan to organize one in the near future. If you agree to that this is
a good idea, we will initiate a doodle poll for the time of the first
teleconference shortly.

When it comes to f2f meetings, two obvious possibilities are to
organize a meeting in conjunction with the Quebec IETF meeting (July
24-29) and one during the TPAC week (Oct 31 - Nov 4; S:a Clara CA).

So far, ten persons from eight organizations (one being W3C itself)
have formally joined the working group. Given how broad and complex
the task of the WG is we think there should be more members, but we're
told that there are many more people subscribing to the public email
list, and we expect that more organizations will join formally

Francois, Harald and Stefan

Received on Thursday, 12 May 2011 10:39:44 UTC