W3C Web Real-Time Communications group officially created

Hi all,

Great news, the W3C Web Real-Time Communications working group (Web RTC WG) has been officially launched yesterday!

Not surprisingly, the group's mission is to define client-side APIs to enable Real-Time Communications in Web browsers. Please have a look at the charter of the group for more details:

This group will work in close relationship with the recently created IETF RTCWEB group. Harald Alvestrand and Stefan Håkansson will serve as co-chairs for this group. I will be the W3C staff contact. Feel free to get in touch with me, in particular if you have questions on logistics or W3C process. I'd be more than happy to help if I can.

Instructions to join the group are available at:

This mailing-list now becomes the official public mailing-list of the Web RTC WG. Anyone can subscribe to this mailing-list and comment or react on on-going discussions. Official participants take an active role in decision-making and contribute substantive portions of text to the deliverables of the group under the W3C patent policy. Participation to the group is open to W3C Members. Subscribing to the mailing-list does not make you an official participant of the group (no patent commitment to following emails).


Received on Friday, 6 May 2011 09:39:11 UTC