Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

Ian Hickson wrote:
> environment to be transmitted. This differs from knowing what kind of
> audio is expected in that the page rarely knows the latter. You use the
> same video conferencing app for music as for chatting. You don't tend to

On the contrary, I imagine you'd want to use a very different app for 
something like a garageband web page or for things like a live DJ app. 
Even if a regular conferencing app _might_ work for distributed music 
performance, having things like a metronome available if the network 
latency is too high (i.e., over 25 ms) or other features specific to 
such performances would be highly desirable, and I expect there to be 
sites that provide them, as well as plenty of other things neither you 
nor I have thought of. For things where the ultimate audio source is not 
a microphone, the UA _might_ be able to detect that and work out what 
the right thing to do is, but only if the MediaStream graph is fully 
configured when codec negotiation first happens.

Received on Friday, 15 July 2011 00:55:51 UTC