Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

On 7/14/2011 3:41 PM, Ralph Giles wrote:
> s and developers alike.
> Yes, of course. I agree those are important, exciting features for
> mobile user agents. However, as far as our API requirements go, I
> believe the question is not whether a user can switch between cameras,
>   but whether web content can have a share in that decision.
> As Ian suggests, does a web page need to pass hints to a browser which
> camera it expects a user to prefer? Must in-page controls be able to
> switch the camera? Can that be left to the user-agent?
> Personally, I think user experience can be improved when the api
> offers all this data, but we have a lot to do already without
> standardizing an extensible structure for such things at this stage of
> our implementation experience.
>   -r

I think that we shouldn't be pushing so much of this off to the agent.  
I want people to be able to create apps that are immersive, full screen 
and expose that stuff through beautiful UI.  An interrupt-driven UI from 
the browser that's popup-based (OK to use the camera? which one? you 
want to change cameras? oh, you're gonna have to do that from a menu 
somewhere) isn't a great experience.  I think once you're allowed to 
transmit video data it doesn't matter all that much which camera you're 

So I certainly fall on the side of exposing a lot of this information 
through APIs since that puts the app in control of the experience 
instead of the UA, which only has a few options for jamming itself into 
the experience.


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