Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011, Ralph Giles wrote:
> > 
> > I don't mind dropping [front/back camera selection], but it's worth 
> > bearing in mind that this may be the one feature of WebRTC that's 
> > received the most requests so far. :-)
> Heh. Do we have a use case for that? Seems very much in the same vein.

The use case is having the browser pick the right camera automatically 
when the user starts a video conference or starts a photography/camera 
app. The Web page will usually know whether the user wants his face or his 
environment to be transmitted. This differs from knowing what kind of 
audio is expected in that the page rarely knows the latter. You use the 
same video conferencing app for music as for chatting. You don't tend to 
use the same app for when you're recording your face as opposed to when 
you're recording your environment.

Naturally, UAs should allow users to override the hint from the page.

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