Re: [webrtc-stats] Expose powerEfficientEncoder/Decoder if MediaCapabilities allows it (#732)

> What change would you propose that satisfies the use case if not to piggyback on MC already exposing it?

Im not trying to be flip, but im not sure i have an answer at the moment. My role is just to identify things that would be privacy harming to the platform.  I appreciate that seems like a small issue on your end, but if even (handwave) 1/4 of reviewed specs / changes added this much fingerprinting surface it would be catastrophic privacy wise, so its really important to not add FP surface.

Just to throw a straw proposal on the table though, why can't the cloud gaming folks just prompt the users? Would a permission-approach be possible? Cloud gaming uses may already be prompting users for WebUSB or WebBluetooth or other permissions

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