Re: [webrtc-stats] Expose powerEfficientEncoder/Decoder if MediaCapabilities allows it (#732)

@henbos i take your point and agree, it would be good to have a similar, common, shared algorithm different-but-similar specs to hook into, to make sure there is a common gate for exposing FP-related information.

I think, though, that it'd be a serious privacy loss/harm to remove the mostly well defined (*) algoritm thats in place, and instead point to a currently undefined algorithm, and hope that the pointed-to-algorithm becomes stronger.

Could we invert things, and keep the getStats algo as is, and work with the folks defining `MediaCapabilitiesInfo.powerEfficient` to have it point to the `getStats` algo, and unify things that way?

Or, if better, spin up a third/distinct doc that defines the "when and what can the page learn about user hardware at different states of user interaction" algorithm(s) and have getStats, MediaCapabilitiesInfo, and anyone else point to that?


* I just said "mostly" bc I re-read the text and it wasn't 100% unambiguous that the exist getStat's algo would require the clarification you provided in (though I appreciate that could easily be ignorance on my end)

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