Re: [webrtc-pc] Why is RTCIceCandidatePairStats.totalRoundTripTime mandatory to implement, but not responsesReceived? (#2819)

smoothedRoundTripTime is a SCTP-level equivalent of the [RTCP RTT]( Note that we don't ask for totalRoundTripTime on remote-inbound-rtp as MTI either.

These RTTs are a layer up from ICE in the stack and may differ if you have a middlebox that terminates ICE but does not (fully, there are opinions) terminate RTCP. In that case you have the STUN RTT between browser and middlebox while the RTCP RTT is between both browsers. See [this video]( which I think compares STUN RTT (on one leg of the call) to the E2E RTT for the whole call.

However, even if this is not MTI, web developers may start dropping support for browsers which do not support features such as this one.

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